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Stuart/Commonwealth Hands-on Games, Chandlery & Eye Magic!

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Kay Rouse





Together with my partner I show many aspects of Wax Chandlery from straining and dipping to uses in polishes, cosmetics and preservatives (though not yet the practical aspects of embalming…); we also feature the beginnings of the Royal Mail.  We especially offer a safe child-friendly sealing wax activity that provides a take away souvenir.


We also demonstrate all sorts of Games: counting systems, gambling, puzzles and games of skill - or simple amusement - highlighting the most popular passtimes as well as new introductions of this Stuart/Commonwealth period by using replica and real boards, tokens and pieces. There is always the opportunity for hands-on participation by both children and adults.

Stories and anecdote always accompany our craft demonstrations but I also work specifically as a Storyteller: The traditional tales I tell come principally from Northern Europe and are always told in modern voice: I particularly enjoy tying my Storytelling to a venue by researching and developing local legends and happenings, or focusing on particular pieces from a museum collection or property. Presentations can also be specially themed, perhaps to the season; tailored to special interest groups, whether by occupation or gender - and made suitable for all ages.